Friday, June 11, 2010

Kelly's Spa Day!

Today was one of those days where I just did not feel like getting out and about to run errands.  I was perfectly satisfied sitting on my bum catching up on YouTube videos and blogs.  These are the kind of days that are perfect for a DIY Spa Day!

 After about an hour of pampering myself I return to my spot on the sofa and feel quite glamourous sitting there in my PJs watching this week's episode of Glee.  My face was smooth and soft, my skin looked all bronzy and beachy, my hair had a brilliant shine to it, and my nails looked as if I should be a manicurist (ok- that might be stretching it a little!)

 There is something to be said for having these days every once in awhile and doing it yourself- it's so much fun and is so much cheaper than actually going to a spa!  Here is what I used to make me feel glamourous:

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze- This is an airbrush quick-dry self tanner.  This was my first time to use it and so far I really like it.  It dries super fast and has not left any streaks on my skin.  The bottle says to use continuously until you reach your desired tan, but I really like the subtle bronze color it left after just one application!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask- This mask states that it helps draw out "deep-dwelling pore-cloggers."   Well, I could definitely use some of that action!  My face felt really smooth and soft after using but I really didn't notice much change in my pores:(

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask- This is a deep conditioner I use several times a week  My hair feels so soft and shiny after using this.  I also seem to think that it styles better right after I use it so I had a really good hair day today- perfect for relaxing on the couch!  Ha Ha!

Rumple's Wiggin' Nail Polish by OPI- This is from the new Shrek Collection by OPI.  It is a gorgeous lavender color that's awesome  for spring and summer.  Two coats and it's a perfect color!

What products do you use to make you feel like a million bucks?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

A couple of months ago I started a search for a new moisturizing night cream.  My skin gets so dry sometimes I literally can see flakes coming off of it.  It's like dandruff- only with your face!  It's disgusting.  I can usually keep the snowstorm under control; it's only really bad for a couple of weeks out of the year when the air is really dry.  My face can also tend to look rather dull at times so sometimes it needs a little "picker-upper."  I also have very a very patchy, uneven skin tone with lots of freckles and sun spots.  I try to keep my face looking "peppy" and silky-looking so I love trying out new moisturizers.  I really haven't found my Holy Grail product yet- but I think I'm getting closer!

I did some online searching and read a bunch of product reviews and finally came across Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream.  The "White Lucent" line from Shisheido has many types of products- eye creams, cleansers, masks, etc.  The theory behind this line of products- targeted to prevent discoloration and diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone.  The mosturizer, of course, will have the obvious benefit of reducing dryness (and in my case, flakiness.)

When I read about this product I was like, "Come to Mama!"  All the things I need in one product.  Many of the products from this line appealed to me, but I thought it was best to start out with one and see how it goes.  So far, I love it! 

I apply it at night, after removing my make-up and cleansing my face.  I absolutely love the way my skin looks after applying this.  It looks all "lucent-y!"  Ha ha:)  It feels so soft on my face and my skin has this awesome glow to it.  I don't feel as if my skin is as dry in the morning after I wake up when I use this. 

I bought this at Sephora a couple of months ago.  The price did make my cringe a bit when I purchased it; I think it retails for about $60.00.  I do believe it has been worth it.  I'm thinking about purchasing the cleanser from this line as well.  Is it my Holy Grail night cream?  Maybe.......I'm still open to trying out new products, but I would definitely re-purchase this!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

My obsession continues...with Gaga!

I have to be honest. The first time I tried on Gaga, I hated it. Crazy talk, right?!? I bought Cyndi (which I adore), so I figured buying one of the new Viva Glam lipsticks was a good deed. Even though MAC donates all of the money to the MAC AIDs fund, I couldn't buy Gaga and never use it! It emphasized the redness in my skin, and didn't seem to look right with the red tint in my hair. If there's one thing I know, it's that I don't want to be "that girl". You know, the one who wears the lipstick color that looks terrible on her, but doesn't know it. So, I passed.

Since we are being completely honest here, I felt guilty for not purchasing it! So, I decided to give it another try. As you guys know, I've recently become obsessed with light pink lipsticks. Girly, fun, playful, yet sophisticated if done correctly- I just can't get enough! I purchased it and told myself there had to be something I could do to make it look decent on me.

I'm very happy to report that I've fallen in love with Gaga. The lipstick.

Alone, it's a vivid pink with cooler undertones that can be a bit hard to pull off. However, expertly applied and paired with the right gloss, it's absolutely gorgeous!

To achieve the look above, I paired it with Utterly Discreet Lipglass, which is a sheer mauve-y purple. It warms the color up just enough to make it wearable, and makes a breathtaking combination. I do have to make sure that I have on enough concealer to cover my redness, but the result it totally worth it.

I couldn't be happier- I did a good thing by purchasing this lipstick. All of the money goes to help with AIDS patients, and I get a gorgeous lipstick that I will actually wear! I also learned my lesson- don't judge a lipstick by the first swatch. Or by a messy application in the store, with bad lighting and no foundation on.

What are your thoughts of Gaga? How do you make it "wearable"? Do you like Cyndi better?



Sunday, May 9, 2010

OOTD- Date Night!

Finally!  The weekend is here and it's date night with my hubby!  We went to a very casual but classy restaurant, had some dinner, and then rented a movie to watch back at home.  It was such a relaxing evening.  Here's what my outfit looked like!

Top:  Forever 21
Black Leggings: J Crew
Black Patent Thongs: Marc Jacobs
Cuff Bracelets:  From Lorraine!:)
Silver Watch: Fendi
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Friday, May 7, 2010

Makeup Minimalist?!?!?

Mother's Day is only two days away! We get to go home (to our hometown) and spend all afternoon and night visiting with our family. Getting everyone together for a meal doesn't happen every weekend- we live about an hour away from the rest of our family. We are extremely close to our family- and always have been. Needless to say, we are super excited!

The big get-together is on Sunday, but our mother is coming to Memphis on Saturday for a lil' shopping trip. If you haven't already noticed, we love to shop! We get it from our momma. Growing up, every Saturday we would get up, watch Friends while eating Grandma's chex mix, then head out to all the sales and clearance racks in town! Ah, good memories!

One thing we don't get from our mother is our love for makeup. She has always worn very little makeup, if any, but she's recently shown more interest in wearing it. We promised her we would show her the ropes- take her to MAC or Sephora and get her a few things she might enjoy. This doesn't mean she's going to be a full blown addict like we are. She's very picky, and we know she'll still be very minimal with her application, so we have to choose her products carefully.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Gobi 1 fl oz (30 ml)She protested at the time, but we have already set her up with Satin Taupe, Girlie, and a 217 brush.  We even had to show her how to apply! Next, we are going to try to find a light foundation that applies easily and doesn't feel too heavy. We are considering recommending Nars Sheer Glow, or even Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Make Up, Natural Beige / 60, 1.0-Ounce Bottle

What do you recommend for a makeup minimalist?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Sale is LIVE! **REDUCED PRICES***


Hey everyone!
We have decided to do our first blog sale- just a few products that don't get enough love and attention. We figured you guys would give them the love they need!

1. Payment is through PAYPAL ONLY!
2. Shipping will be a flat fee of $3 for both USA & Canada and a flat fee of $7 international.
3. This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.
4. Leave a list of the items you would like to purchase in the comments below, as well as an e-mail address that we can send your Paypal Invoice to. We will also contact you through that e-mail address for your mailing address.
5. If you win, please pay within 24 hours after the invoice has been sent.
6.  Everything is final sale. No returns.
8. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. 
9. Check your email a few minutes after you inquire for something. If you have an invoice you won!

Nars Cream Eyeshadow in El Dorado
 Used twice.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Amusing

Used 3 times. 
$12  ****REDUCED

Lush Narcotick Shower Gel, 250ml
Used twice. 
$10 ***REDUCED

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Search for a Warm, Nude-y Pink Lipstick Is Over...

Bright, beautiful lip products make me swoon. I love the look of a fresh, natural face with a gorgeous (wearable) bright lip. I've always been drawn towards coral, berry, and mauve-y lip products- never fully emerging myself into the "nude" lip phenomenon. Until recently.

 With the Mac Too Fabulous collection came a set of gorgeous lip pencils and glosses. I immediately fell in love with In Synch Lip Pencil and Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass- which was completely out of the ordinary for me! After trying them on with the lightest lipsticks in my collection, I wasn't completely satisfied. I searched high and low for the perfect light, nude-pink lipstick to complete the trio. Every color was either too brown, too frosty, not light enough, or a tone of pink that emphasized the redness of my skin (the more blue-based pinks, like Gaga, Angel, etc.).

I aced a final exam on Friday, so to reward myself, I wandered over to the Mac counter. After telling my favorite MUA about my problem, he introduced me to my new love... Nude Rose. They had just one left from DSquared, (which at the time it came out, I never noticed because I wasn't into the nude-y pink) and I knew from the moment I saw it that it would be perfect. And it is.

(You'll have to excuse my hair. It was a rainy, lazy Sunday!)

For this lip combo, I blanked out my lips with MAC Lip Erase Balm. (Which I did buy from DSquared to get the true color of my beloved corals and berries. You can use concealer, also.) Next, I lined and filled in my lips with In Synch, applied Nude Rose with a lip brush, and topped it off with Fashion Scoop. The results- a flattering, very light pink lip.

I know that this lipstick may not be available to everyone, but I do recommend In Synch and Fashion Scoop if you are into light pinks. And for those of you who are like me, and have trouble wearing cool toned light pinks, know that there is hope!

Does anyone else have this problem, or have any recommendations for another color? I have a feeling my Nude Rose won't last very long, and I'm beginning to swoon over these very nude-ish light pinks....

Update: I found a very similar dupe for Nude Rose... it's Born With It by Maybelline!

From the Top:  In Synch Lip Pencil, Nude Rose Lustre Lipstick, Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only Hearts Tank Top- Courtesy of TheCurrentCustom

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect white tank top- especially when summer hits. It's similar to a great pair of jeans (like the ones that make your bum look awesome) or a sexy black dress- it's a key piece of your wardrobe. These "essential" pieces of clothing warrant loosening the purse strings a little and splurging on a good fit and quality fabric.

I'm excited to report that Only Hearts came to my rescue and ended my search. This tank is awesome! Made of some lyrica/cotton/stretchy type fabric, it fits perfectly. My definition of perfect- it sucks you in and lifts you up at the same time. It's magical, I tell you! The straps are wide enough to wear with a good push-up bra, which only adds to the "perkiness effect."

This was one of my many purchases from Lorraine's blog ( I ordered the white tank, but I believe it comes in nude and black as well. It sells for about $45.00. This might seem a little high but really girls- you get what you pay for! The fabric has a "smoothing out" effect- it's great to wear underneath shirts or even by itself. I pair it with a trendy necklace or a fabulous colored scarf, and BAM!- instant chic from a plain white tank.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cynthia Vincent for Target

When a high-end designer creates a line of clothing, shoes, or accessories for Target, we race to our nearest location like a teenager who has spotted RPatz. (Oh wait, we would run after him, too!) We pride ourselves for being some of the best bargain shoppers around, and we don't pass up an opportunity to own decent quality, well designed items with a fabulous label. Enter: The Cynthia Vincent line of shoes for Target.

These black flats with gold-stud detailing are the "new gladiator sandals". Still strappy and gladiator-ish, but updated and fresh. For $19.99, they completely out-do any flip-flops we own, but are cool & casual enough for the upcoming steamy hot weather. We are on the hunt for this pair in brown, as well.

Can we express our love for these wedges enough? They are ridiculously comfortable, perfectly leg-lengthening, and add a dose of "SJP" (Sarah Jessica Parker) to any outfit. They are especially "SJP" when paired with an unexpected dress, something girly and sweet. We are currently engaged in bidding wars on eBay just so we can call the black pair our own, as well. While eBay prices are highly inflated since these are sold-out at many locations, we are willing to pay more than the original price, $29.99, because they are that amazing.

If you are lucky enough to find these babies at your local Target, do not make the mistake of passing them up. These will make their way into almost everyone of our summer outfits. The time and leg-work spent hunting these down, and extra $$ spent if we win our eBay auctions will be well worth it, in our opinion.

-Kelly & Allie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lorraine Jewelry!

We had a few people request pictures of the Lisa Taubes chain necklaces and show the different lengths. I have the 42" silver and the 5ft gold Lisa Taubes chain. I really like both chain lengths but if I had to choose between the two I think I would go for the 5ft. It's more versatile. You can loop it once, twice, or three times and it's cute all three ways!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get LUSHious For Your Valentine's Day Date With Lush Cosmetics!

We came up with an AWESOME and FUN Valentine bath cocktail to help you get ready for the big date! We have also included a few other products to get your skin smelling and feeling sweet and soft!

The first product we chose for our cocktail is the Amandopondo bubble bar. This is a rose-scented bar with lemon and orange oils. Break this up and run under the bath water. Next drop the Sex Bomb bath bomb into your bath. This is a mixture of jasmine and floral scents and it leaves your water with swirls of pinks and purples. Then use Love Soap, an exclusive LUSH valentine soap, which smells alot like Sex Bomb and is shaped into the cutest little red heart! This has clary sage in it to decrease tension and is great for lathering! Next, exfoliate with Sugar Babe. This is a sugar scrub with a coconut oil center and has a flowery/honey-like smell. The buttercream Ring of Roses comes next. Don't you just love these names? This is very mosturizing and great for the dry skin we all tend to get in the winter. Another great use for this is to use it as a shaving gel! How cool is that?!? After your luscious bath is finished, you can then use Heavanilli massage bar to help add a little more moisture to your skin. This has a yummy vanilla and cocoa butter scent that really lingers on your skin. And for the finishing touch- Vanillary solid perfume. This is a mixture of vanilla and jasmine. Dab a little behind your ears and onto your wrists for a subtle, romantic scent. Ta da! You're done and left smelling and feeling absolutely LUSHious!

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty and Toner Tabs Review and How To Use

Let us start out by saying that we both LOVE Lush! The company doesn't test on animals and they go to great lengths to be enviornmentally friendly. All of their products are so fun and colorful and relatively inexpensive. Who wouldn't want to support a company that is so awesome?

For an at home spa day we like to start by using the toner tabs. There are four different types:
Vitamin C- good for dry and mature skin
Vitamin E- good for happy, balanced skin
Tea Tree- good for cleaning congested and oily skin
Q10- soothes sensitive skin and is also great for men to shave with
To use these boil a pot of water and drop the toner tab in the water. Place your face over the pot to let the steam and toner tabs get to your pores to open them up. Then apply to mask of magnaminty. This mask has clay base for a deep cleanse- which means it is great for blackheads. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rub the clay and aduki beans into your skin and rinse off. This entire treatment is a great inexpensive way to leave your skin feeling soft and revived!