Monday, May 3, 2010

My Search for a Warm, Nude-y Pink Lipstick Is Over...

Bright, beautiful lip products make me swoon. I love the look of a fresh, natural face with a gorgeous (wearable) bright lip. I've always been drawn towards coral, berry, and mauve-y lip products- never fully emerging myself into the "nude" lip phenomenon. Until recently.

 With the Mac Too Fabulous collection came a set of gorgeous lip pencils and glosses. I immediately fell in love with In Synch Lip Pencil and Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass- which was completely out of the ordinary for me! After trying them on with the lightest lipsticks in my collection, I wasn't completely satisfied. I searched high and low for the perfect light, nude-pink lipstick to complete the trio. Every color was either too brown, too frosty, not light enough, or a tone of pink that emphasized the redness of my skin (the more blue-based pinks, like Gaga, Angel, etc.).

I aced a final exam on Friday, so to reward myself, I wandered over to the Mac counter. After telling my favorite MUA about my problem, he introduced me to my new love... Nude Rose. They had just one left from DSquared, (which at the time it came out, I never noticed because I wasn't into the nude-y pink) and I knew from the moment I saw it that it would be perfect. And it is.

(You'll have to excuse my hair. It was a rainy, lazy Sunday!)

For this lip combo, I blanked out my lips with MAC Lip Erase Balm. (Which I did buy from DSquared to get the true color of my beloved corals and berries. You can use concealer, also.) Next, I lined and filled in my lips with In Synch, applied Nude Rose with a lip brush, and topped it off with Fashion Scoop. The results- a flattering, very light pink lip.

I know that this lipstick may not be available to everyone, but I do recommend In Synch and Fashion Scoop if you are into light pinks. And for those of you who are like me, and have trouble wearing cool toned light pinks, know that there is hope!

Does anyone else have this problem, or have any recommendations for another color? I have a feeling my Nude Rose won't last very long, and I'm beginning to swoon over these very nude-ish light pinks....

Update: I found a very similar dupe for Nude Rose... it's Born With It by Maybelline!

From the Top:  In Synch Lip Pencil, Nude Rose Lustre Lipstick, Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass


  1. thanks for the dupe, allie!

    i'm with you, i was never into nude lips. and then when i was slowly getting into it, i saw too many Nude Lip Gone Wrong on so many youtube "guru's." it was garish and so unbelievably unattractive. on top of that, my skin tone doesn't take well to a nude lip (i do like light pink lips though) so i kind of jumped off the wagon before i even got on it. if that makes sense :p

    this colour looks gorgeous on you though. it looks very fresh.


  2. MakeupbyMel is having a blog sale and Soft Nude is on there :)

  3. @emilyanne I saw that! I'm gonna do my best to get it!

  4. I know it's been awhile since you made this blog post but what color blush are you wearing in the picture? Also, I'm a new sub. what is your favorite foundation? Your skin looks great and you both give great makeup suggestions that are wearable in a professional work enviroment: )

  5. Loving those colors and ideas...thanks!