Monday, January 25, 2010

Get LUSHious For Your Valentine's Day Date With Lush Cosmetics!

We came up with an AWESOME and FUN Valentine bath cocktail to help you get ready for the big date! We have also included a few other products to get your skin smelling and feeling sweet and soft!

The first product we chose for our cocktail is the Amandopondo bubble bar. This is a rose-scented bar with lemon and orange oils. Break this up and run under the bath water. Next drop the Sex Bomb bath bomb into your bath. This is a mixture of jasmine and floral scents and it leaves your water with swirls of pinks and purples. Then use Love Soap, an exclusive LUSH valentine soap, which smells alot like Sex Bomb and is shaped into the cutest little red heart! This has clary sage in it to decrease tension and is great for lathering! Next, exfoliate with Sugar Babe. This is a sugar scrub with a coconut oil center and has a flowery/honey-like smell. The buttercream Ring of Roses comes next. Don't you just love these names? This is very mosturizing and great for the dry skin we all tend to get in the winter. Another great use for this is to use it as a shaving gel! How cool is that?!? After your luscious bath is finished, you can then use Heavanilli massage bar to help add a little more moisture to your skin. This has a yummy vanilla and cocoa butter scent that really lingers on your skin. And for the finishing touch- Vanillary solid perfume. This is a mixture of vanilla and jasmine. Dab a little behind your ears and onto your wrists for a subtle, romantic scent. Ta da! You're done and left smelling and feeling absolutely LUSHious!

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  1. so glad to find you ladies have a blog too!

    I'd love it if you checked mine out. it's still brand new so there aren't very many posts.

    keep up the posts and the videos, i really enjoy them. :)