Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

A couple of months ago I started a search for a new moisturizing night cream.  My skin gets so dry sometimes I literally can see flakes coming off of it.  It's like dandruff- only with your face!  It's disgusting.  I can usually keep the snowstorm under control; it's only really bad for a couple of weeks out of the year when the air is really dry.  My face can also tend to look rather dull at times so sometimes it needs a little "picker-upper."  I also have very a very patchy, uneven skin tone with lots of freckles and sun spots.  I try to keep my face looking "peppy" and silky-looking so I love trying out new moisturizers.  I really haven't found my Holy Grail product yet- but I think I'm getting closer!

I did some online searching and read a bunch of product reviews and finally came across Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream.  The "White Lucent" line from Shisheido has many types of products- eye creams, cleansers, masks, etc.  The theory behind this line of products- targeted to prevent discoloration and diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone.  The mosturizer, of course, will have the obvious benefit of reducing dryness (and in my case, flakiness.)

When I read about this product I was like, "Come to Mama!"  All the things I need in one product.  Many of the products from this line appealed to me, but I thought it was best to start out with one and see how it goes.  So far, I love it! 

I apply it at night, after removing my make-up and cleansing my face.  I absolutely love the way my skin looks after applying this.  It looks all "lucent-y!"  Ha ha:)  It feels so soft on my face and my skin has this awesome glow to it.  I don't feel as if my skin is as dry in the morning after I wake up when I use this. 

I bought this at Sephora a couple of months ago.  The price did make my cringe a bit when I purchased it; I think it retails for about $60.00.  I do believe it has been worth it.  I'm thinking about purchasing the cleanser from this line as well.  Is it my Holy Grail night cream?  Maybe.......I'm still open to trying out new products, but I would definitely re-purchase this!


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