Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only Hearts Tank Top- Courtesy of TheCurrentCustom

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect white tank top- especially when summer hits. It's similar to a great pair of jeans (like the ones that make your bum look awesome) or a sexy black dress- it's a key piece of your wardrobe. These "essential" pieces of clothing warrant loosening the purse strings a little and splurging on a good fit and quality fabric.

I'm excited to report that Only Hearts came to my rescue and ended my search. This tank is awesome! Made of some lyrica/cotton/stretchy type fabric, it fits perfectly. My definition of perfect- it sucks you in and lifts you up at the same time. It's magical, I tell you! The straps are wide enough to wear with a good push-up bra, which only adds to the "perkiness effect."

This was one of my many purchases from Lorraine's blog ( I ordered the white tank, but I believe it comes in nude and black as well. It sells for about $45.00. This might seem a little high but really girls- you get what you pay for! The fabric has a "smoothing out" effect- it's great to wear underneath shirts or even by itself. I pair it with a trendy necklace or a fabulous colored scarf, and BAM!- instant chic from a plain white tank.


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  1. sorry i can't comment on the tank coz i got distracted by your buff arms :p

    note to self: start working out. haha!