Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cynthia Vincent for Target

When a high-end designer creates a line of clothing, shoes, or accessories for Target, we race to our nearest location like a teenager who has spotted RPatz. (Oh wait, we would run after him, too!) We pride ourselves for being some of the best bargain shoppers around, and we don't pass up an opportunity to own decent quality, well designed items with a fabulous label. Enter: The Cynthia Vincent line of shoes for Target.

These black flats with gold-stud detailing are the "new gladiator sandals". Still strappy and gladiator-ish, but updated and fresh. For $19.99, they completely out-do any flip-flops we own, but are cool & casual enough for the upcoming steamy hot weather. We are on the hunt for this pair in brown, as well.

Can we express our love for these wedges enough? They are ridiculously comfortable, perfectly leg-lengthening, and add a dose of "SJP" (Sarah Jessica Parker) to any outfit. They are especially "SJP" when paired with an unexpected dress, something girly and sweet. We are currently engaged in bidding wars on eBay just so we can call the black pair our own, as well. While eBay prices are highly inflated since these are sold-out at many locations, we are willing to pay more than the original price, $29.99, because they are that amazing.

If you are lucky enough to find these babies at your local Target, do not make the mistake of passing them up. These will make their way into almost everyone of our summer outfits. The time and leg-work spent hunting these down, and extra $$ spent if we win our eBay auctions will be well worth it, in our opinion.

-Kelly & Allie

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  1. and again, i bemoan the fact that there are no Target stores in Canada. next time i'm down in the states, i'll definitely make sure to stop by a Target store. great shoes, ladies! i especially like the wedges.