Thursday, March 31, 2011

A lil' Blog Sale

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

1. Paypal Only, please.
2. Request your items you would like in the comments, with your e-mail address, and let us know whether the shipping will be international or U.S.A.
3. We'll send you an invoice, and ship your items via USPS. USA shipping is $3 + $1 for each additional item, and international is $6 +$1 for each additional item.

Chanel Paridoxal, Used about 3 times. $18.
MAC Fix+, 80% full $10

MAC Slimshine Pleasing $7
Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Rasberry $6
MAC Slimshine Grenadine $7

MAC Lipsticks
Fabby $6
Sandy B $6
DSquared Nude Rose $10
Plink! $8
Hue $7

MAC Lipsticks
Sophisto $6
Suprise Me $7
Total Wow $6
Thrills $10

Lush Limited Edition
AvoShower Gel Expires in June, 80% full, $12 obo
Comfortor Shower Gel Expires in June, 75% full, $12 obo
So White Perfume 75% full, $15 obo
Potion Lotion, used twice, $12 obo

Chanel Skincare Set
$18 obo for everything shown.

Aveda Hair Care
Color Conserve, used twice $9
Beautify Hair Oil, 95% full, $12
Be Curly, used three times, $8

MUFE Green Concealer $6
Smashbox O-Plump $5
Stilla Smudepot in cobalt clutch $5

Aveda Carribbean Therapy Gift Set
$12 for set

Arbonne Skincare Sample Grab Bag,
(several stacked in each pile)
Cleanser, Day Lotion, Night Cream, Hair Mask, Eye Cream
$12 for all shown above

Arbonne- all brand new never used
Unwind Bath Salts $9
Renewing Body Gelee  $14
Foaming Sea Salt Scrub  $12

Also- have several brushes for sale. All have a rim of red nail polish at bottom for identification.
$8 for one, $7 each for two, $6 each for three or more
MAC 183
MAC 242
MAC 213
MAC 214
MAC 217
MAC 227


  1. Hello

    Would like the ff items if they are available:

    Mac brushes in 183 242 217 227 213 and 214?

    Here is my email: US SHIPPING

  2. I also want to know if you could charge a flat rate for multiple items that are lightweight. :)

  3. Hello,
    for me please
    Chanel Skincare Set
    Mac Hue lipstick
    Mac Fix+

    My email :jeannineturtschi at
    international to Switzerland

    thank you

  4. @odette Definitely will give you discount on shipping!

    Will send an invoice to both of you soon

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  6. I'd like the Aveda Caribbean set, and the Lush comforter shower gel.

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  8. Hi, I would like the Sandy B and Plink if they're still available please.
    Canada shipping

  9. MAC Fix+, 80% full $10
    MAC 213
    MAC 214
    MAC 217
    MAC 227

    Are all of the above still available hun?

  10. is the MAC Fix+ still available?

  11. hi I want to know if you still have the fabby lipstick please email me if you do thank you

  12. Hi,
    I wanted to buy MAC Lipsticks
    Fabby $6Sandy B $6Plink! $8Hue $7
    are they still available. Please email me at

  13. hi do you still have thrills lipsick
    my email/ paypal is if you do i would like to buy it
    i am in the uk

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